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Spirago Big Data Analytics Platform

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By applying the latest open source technologies and the most advanced tools combined with first class Data Science resources and Data Analytics practices, we provide your Enterprise a structured, predictable and economically optimised journey to become a data driven organisation by unleashing the power hidden in your data assets, understanding key business data indicators and driving revenue.

as a Service

If you are an Enterprise with significant and quickly growing volumes of data, our Hadoop-as-a-Service offering will enable you to start experimenting with Big Data technologies for a fraction of the price and effort you would have to commit if you did it in-house...

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Data Analytics
as a Service

Spirago Big Data Analytics platform is a service framework designed to take and assist our customers from concept through use case definition and further from Proof of Concept to production systems implementation. Our value proposition is that the Enterprise client defines ...

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Data Science
as a Service

So let's assume you have recognised the data sources in your organisation, you have created a robust, distributed, fault tolerant data storage infrastructure, and your data analytics platform can handle the entire process of data ingestion, data mining and transformation...

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as a Service

Spirago provides consulting services and supplies managed NoSQL Databases (Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB), hosted either in the cloud (AWS) or within on-premise clusters. We take care of running and managing your NoSQL cluster via the following services: deployment...

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IoT and Sensors Management Platform

The Internet of Things for everyone. Our platform makes data useful, connecting a variety of devices together, we are able to search, explore and analyse real-time and historical data. IoT creates opportunities for companies to transform every aspect...

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Cryptography as a Service

Spirago offers absolutely unique mechanism to secure the data you store in the cloud. The solution offers two levels of security mechanisms. First level of security has been designed in cooperation with one of our partners, world’s leading Cryptology Research Institute...

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Our Approach

The Spirago Approach is based on a service framework designed to take the customers on a journey from challenge definition, solution design & prototype build to a successfull implementation.

  1. Advisory Phase
    The engagements starts from detailed analysis of the client’s technology environment, data model and application architecture. We use our expertise to stimulate the first phase as self-discovery...
  2. Proof of Concept and Prototype Phase
    Once the challenge has been understood, Spirago consultants will define a solution and produce the PoC High Level Design document with the necessary architecture artefacts, to set up PoC system...
  3. Pilot to Production – Ready Platform
    In this phase Spirago will develop a pilot, which normally uses the full production system and test it against a subset of the general intended audience. The goal of doing a pilot is...
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